Welcome to the Sister Crayon website! This is a page created by Sister Crayon’s fans in order to provide them support in their music career. Here, you will find information about Sister Crayon and their upcoming albums and events. 

Back in 2010 and while living in the city, we, a group of friends since our teenage years, found ourselves admiring incredible musicians. One of them who made an absolute impact in our life is Sister Crayon. While we were having coffee and chatting, we thought about how we could help promote and support our favorite Sister Crayon. We placed our thinking caps on to find a perfect solution. Now, you have the pleasure to experience this website which is the result of our efforts. 

Sister Crayon is an electronic duo based in Sacramento, California. The band is a two-member act, led by a girl vocalist with another one playing MPC and SPD-X. Sister Crayon recorded their full-length debut in the Spring/Summer of 2010 at the famous Studios in Sacramento, California. They are known as Sacramento’s sweethearts. Sister Crayon started in the garage and we played for a while until we played so loud it knocked the garage door of the track, luckily the guys at http://a1garage.com/tucson we able to fix it in no time.

They are possibly the most well-known and beloved band in the city. They have been featured in numerous magazines, and embarked in their first U.S. tour playing their first album. But the good thing is, the laundry list of accolades and growing popularity of the duo hasn’t gone to their heads.They are some of the most humble people you will ever meet. The vocalist is quiet, but one would never think so when her voice booms on stage and haunts you when you leave. The other one is like seeing your best friend on stage kill it for the crowd and then going to get drunk on blueberry bombs at her favorite music bar after. They are the nicest girls you will ever meet in the music industry. They get in the zone when behind a computer mixing music and behind the instruments they’ve played. 

Sister Crayon will forever hold a very special place in the heart of California, and in ours (fans) as well. Check out our forum section where we discuss the greatness of this amazing band. In this website, you can talk with fellow fans about Sister Crayon, their music and performances.  

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We ask you to please support Sister Crayon. You will never regret listening to their songs because once you do, you will love it. Visit our website daily to get more updates on this amazing duo. You can find here the schedules of their shows, concerts, TV guestings, magazines and stores where can buy their merchandise, CDs and albums. 

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