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Hey guys! Has anyone of you seen videos of artists who sing the cover songs of Sister Crayon? 



Hi Dean! I’ve once seen someone on Youtube but I forgot the name of the singer. I guess she’s not yet famous at all but her voice is amazing. You can check it out on Youtube and see for yourself. Let us know what is your opinion then. 



Hello, I just have to agree with Jenny, I’ve already seen that video. I think the girl who covered that song of Sister Crayon is pretty amazing. Although, she doesn’t sound like them but she is really a good singer. 



Hi, Jenny and Mitch! Thank you for answering my question, really appreciate it. I’ve already watched the video and I agree with you guys that her voice is pretty amazing. I hope more artists will try to sing the cover songs of Sister Crayon because they are definitely good. 



Yeah! I hope so too. 



Hi all! I recommend you to watch my Youtube channel. I posted a few videos of mine singing some of Sister Crayon’s songs. My friend has some videos too. We upload them on my channel, I’m sure you will love it. We are both avid fans too of this amazing duo. Please go and check out our videos. Thank you! 


Mitch – 

Hell Michael! I would say wow! I wish Sister Crayon could watch your cover songs. I am glad you decided to sing some of their songs. Please do more. Thank you!