About Us 

Founded in 2010 by the loyal fans of Sister Crayon, we have established this website to help support them in achieving their dreams to become well-known singers. 

We understand the fragmented and confusing world that fans go through to find information about their favorite artists. On the other hand, we also know how difficult it is for new artists to promote their events. We bring both these needs into one place. Through this Sister Crayon’s fan page, we have an exhaustive ongoing list of upcoming local events of Sister Crayon throughout America to make discovering and promoting events so simple and easy.  

The Sister Crayon fan page has one of the largest collections of their events, shows, albums and so much more here in America to help you quickly discover and experience their shows and events. Our social platform helps you connect and engage with your favorite artists and your local community. This fan page supports the local and independent Sister Crayon artists to promote and sell their tickets and merchandise with minimal costs. Our work and yours help shine more light on these brilliant, aspiring artists. 

It is our goal to be the number #1 fan page site of Sister Crayon in America. We want to be their top promoters and spotlight their various shows and events through this simple, most intuitive, elegant, and technologically advanced social platform for their Events and Activities. We conduct ourselves with utmost integrity to be a trustworthy and reliable fan page site to Sister Crayon.  

Join Our Community   

Join our mission if you too want to help this aspiring duo to succeed and build local communities more enriched with culture and empathy. Please comment, review, and rate Sister Crayon’s music, venues, and events on this site to help future fans know what kind of artist we are promoting and how well they perform on stage. Provide us feedback so that we can create the best platform for Sister Crayon and fans alike.